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Global platform deployment with localised configuration…

In the USA and Canada, MYPOS has an exclusive partnership with Tr-City Retail Systems, which has corporate offices located in Ontario, Canada and New York, USA.

The partnership was developed, in order to supply and support MYPOS solutions across North America.

Founded in 1996, the management team at Tri-City Retail has over 75 man-years of combined experience in Point-of-Sale, specialising in selling and supporting retail management solutions for companies of all sizes, across a range of diverse retail environments.

If you have any questions regarding MYPOS solutions for deployment in the United States and Canada, please contact Tri-City Retail


545 Parkside Drive, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 5E7 T: (877) 877-4767                      


4600 Witmer Industrial Est. Suite 6 Niagara Falls, NY, 14305 T: (877) 877-4767                           Email: