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Save time and money by installing a SMARTtill…

Since 2013, we have been working in close proximity with Cash Bases; the world leading manufacturer of high quality cash drawers, to integrate their new generation of intelligent cash drawer; known as the SMARTtill, with our MYPOS solutions.

The SMARTtill solution will revolutionise the way you manage and handle cash within your organisation, providing real-time data analysis by electronically capturing all cash movement at the point-of-sale, delivering enhanced security and efficiency. The intelligent cash drawer solution is accompanied with the SMARTtill management suite, which captures and stores all cash transaction data; managers and supervisors can then monitor and analyse this via reporting services. Cash management on the shop floor can then be conducted instantly and without the administrative processes.

The SMARTtill Manager provides key reports for all Point of Sale cash operations: current and past cash values, float top ups, cash lifts, value and time of cash discrepancies, plus the related transaction and cashier identification number. MYPOS has integrated the SMARTtill solution, consisting of the intelligent cash drawer and cash management suite as optional peripheral application to our existing point-of-sale solutions. Managing cash can be a time consuming and costly process for any cash payment environment. The SMARTtill Solution will deliver real benefits in key areas of your organisation.

Reduce Time Spent Managing Cash

Significantly Reduce Cash Losses

Ensure Full Cashier Accountability

Reduce The Cost of Cash Handling

Reduce Cost of Investigating Discrepancies

View Cash Content in Real Time