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MultiQ are an industry leader in digital signage and touchscreen display solutions and MYPOS have been in partnership for 9 successful years and counting. We will continue to source MultiQ products for their consistent and unquestionable quality, durability and timeless design to complement our point-ofsale solutions in even the most demanding retail environments. MultiQ has more than 25 years of experience within the monitormarket, supplying solutions across various sectors, such as banking, retail, manufacturing, transportation, government and gaming. The MultiQ brand is associated with superb Scandinavian design, physical robustness and long life expectancy thanks to solid, stable and protective housing that has led to a reassuringly low failure rate. The partnership has led to new growth opportunities for MYPOS, with digital signage, content design and interactive in store web modules now available in our products and services portfolio.

Please enquire for all digital signage and interactive web modules.