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MYPOS 8 Lite

We’ve gone mobile with the use of Windows 8 Tablets…


MYPOS 8 Lite has been developed for deployment on Windows tablets. Delivering full functionality you expect from a traditional POS setup with the small, sleek footprint and mobility of a wireless Windows 8 tablet. Tablets have started becoming ever-present within both retail and hospitality, as clients seek a solution that will coincide and complement a stores décor while raising customer experience through assistance on the shop floor, such as checking stock and table service for enhanced communication between customer, waiter, kitchen and bar. Staff equipped with MYPOS 8 Tablets, has proved extremely successful for queue busting during peak trading periods when additional sales lanes are required for serving customers and preventing missed sale opportunities.


Advanced reports, accessible on your iPhone or Android device…


MYPOS Monitor gives you access to a suite of reports with real-time data for monitoring sales, staff activity, customer activity, top selling products, stock levels and much more… all through the power of your iPhone or Android.


iOS stock management tool for your ipad…